[no Bug] - Mediaportal deletes files automatically (Reproducible)

Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1.2.0 ALPHA' started by woo73, April 14, 2011.

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    unfortunately it is possible, that MediaPortal 1.2.0 Alpha (maybe other version also?) deletes files.

    It is reproducible in the following way:

    1. Recording any channel
    2. Now you will find a *.ts and a *.xml file in the recording folder
    3. Now .... convert *.ts to another format, like avi, but keep the same filename (or simulate it by creating a file with extension avi or something else)
    4. OK, now you have 3 files in the recording folder (e.g. filmA.avi, filmA.ts, filmA.xml)
    5. And now the dangerous action: Delete the filmA.ts

    What happens now?
    While entering the menu item "Recordings" MePo can't find the recording and deletes the xml AND the AVI movie.
    It seems that MePo deletes ALL files with the same filename, independently from file extension.

    @Developers: Please, delete only the xml file or nothing.

    Have fun while testing. I have lost 4 movies in this way :(
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    This is by design. There are many other files (comskip, thumbs etc) which may be created. You should create your (presumably re-encoded) avi files in a different folder to the recordings

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