MediaPortal freezes on Starting plugins and gives 2 errors on start (1 Viewer)


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October 11, 2008
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Denmark Denmark
TV-Server Version:
MediaPortal Version:
MediaPortal Skin: Blue i think
Windows Version: Windows Vista Ultimate
CPU Type: AMD Sempron 3400+ 2.0 Ghz
HDD: 250 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M
Video Card: VIA/S3 UniChrome Pro
Video Card Driver: Original Driver from creator
Sound Card: VIA AC'97
Sound Card AC3: VIA AC'97?
Sound Card Driver: Original Vista Driver, Updated from Windows Update
1. TV Card: Pinnacle Systems Studio PCTV
1. TV Card Type: DVB-T & Analog
1. TV Card Driver: Original Vista Driver (works with everything else, no problem here)
2. TV Card:
2. TV Card Type:
2. TV Card Driver:
3. TV Card:
3. TV Card Type:
3. TV Card Driver:
4. TV Card:
4. TV Card Type:
4. TV Card Driver:
MPEG2 Video Codec: Microsoft MPEG-2 Video decoder
MPEG2 Audio Codec: ffdshow Audio Decoder
h.264 Video Codec: ffdshow Video Decoder
Satelite/CableTV Provider:
HTPC Case:
Power Supply:
TV - HTPC Connection:

As topic name says... I followed the guide when i installed MediaPortal, but i recieve 2 errors on startup, something with a renderer, and then it hangs at "Starting plugins..."
I have tagged along my error file.

How come? :( I love MediaPortal :(:(

Before i switched to Vista i had it working perfectly on XP.


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  • January 7, 2005
    VIA/S3G UniChromeII Graphics

    MediaPortal fails to create DirectX9Ex device (that is used under Vista). Most likely the GPU you are using is not a 100% compatible with DirectX9. Sorry, nothing we can do.


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    October 11, 2008
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    Denmark Denmark
    Ok i see. I just upgraded it to a 128 mb graphics card that supports DirectX9.
    I will respond tomorrow if that has fixed the problem :) Have a nice evening.

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