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April 6, 2005
In one of the better computer magazines in sweden, Datormagazinet, Mediaportal has been tested with other systems. The verdict was...Recommended! :D Strangely enough they thought that MCE was the bset solution but due to the high price it wasn't recommended. The main complaint about Mediaportal was the installation which they thought was more complicated than with the MCE solution. Strangely enough they said that they hadn't got the EPG part to work on MCE and still thought it was easy to set up :?:

Well anyway, I think that this shows what a great program we have here. So, hats of to all who has contributed!

P.S. Link to my comments on their (Datormagazinets) forum (in swedish) if any of my swedish friends like to discuss it


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  • January 14, 2005
    This is good to hear!!!! The more people that get exposed to MP the better. The Bigger following the better!

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