MediaPortal Server and... Client? oO (1 Viewer)

Neo van Mati

Portal Member
August 11, 2008
Hi there,

i've a short question. I set up an mediaPortal-Server (with TV-Server) on my HTPC.
Now, sometimes, i like to watch Videos or want to watch TV in my bedroom on my notebook. Okay, my problem: I read about mediaPortal Clients, i tought, i would install mediaPortal as "Client", give him the ip of my mediaportal-htpc-server, and he streams all my music, pics, tv and movies over the net to my "client".

But, it seem's that its not going this way... i saw a seperat mp tv client-plugin for other programs (like vlc)... and i cannot install mediaportal 1rc3 the way i described above...

how could i solve this issue?

Neo van Mati

Portal Member
August 11, 2008
Ah, got it -_- I choosen "use integrate tv server" on install, and there i could'nt select a option to additionaly install the mediaportal tv plugin...

thank you :D the only thing that annoies me is,... the tv card... arrives not until morning -_-

and yeah, my english is not very good ;)

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