MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-10-25-2008 01-36h - Revision:20584.rar (1 Viewer)

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March 26, 2007
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These Subversion-snaps are compiled automatically, every week on friday.
They are not pre-tested, so please use the backup option from time to time.
If you'd like the bleeding edge code and don't mind the inherent risks, upgrade to the snapshot releases as they become available.
If stability is important to you, you might want to stay with the fully-tested releases.​

Report Issues / Bugs:
  1. Before you start an bugreport, make sure that you system meets the ::requirements::
  2. After you checked the requirements, take a look at our ::Bugtracker::, to find out if your issue has allready been reported.
    Roadmap/Changelog: MediaPortal 1 - TV-Server - Installers
  3. If the Problem is not known yet, please have a look at the correct Bugreport forum.

How to install MediaPortal SVN-Snapshots in short:
  1. Install MediaPortal 1.0 RC3, not necessary if already done
  2. Run the Snapshot-Installer. You should create a backup.
  3. Run Configure. Sometimes the settings and database versions change from build to build, so you have to reconfigure your TV for example
  4. Hopefully enjoy the new version
  5. If not, restore your old files and you will have the former version back.



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March 26, 2007
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MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-10-25-2008 01-36h - Revision:20584.rar

===> DOWNLOAD <===

This thread is open to everyone to provide feedback for this particular snapshot.
If you found or confirm a bug please still open a single thread with full details in the related Bugsection. See first post for details.

The plugin section's cleanup will reset some inbuilt plugins to their default status. Please check after installation of this build whether all your plugins are still enabled.

Here's a fixed build:


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    Users of Audioscrobbler / Last.FM plugin might want to exchange the attached files. They fix a bug which prevents MP from submitting tracks under certain circumstances.
    Sorry, the corresponding commit (REV 20586) has been done after the build had already started.



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    Hi all....

    While I didn't immediately notice all the little tweaks and improvements with this SVN in my setup (yet)... I did notice that TV Server 1rc3 still doesn't find any channel signals when scanning my HD Homerun tuners. Same issue as reported before. I had to roll back my TV Server to rc2 (SVN from Sept 14) which is the last working version that I can remember. So I'm going to miss-out on the improvements made to TV Server til this issue is fixed.

    MP is making great strides to v1.0 .... just a few more issues to get thru.

    best regards,



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  • October 22, 2007
    Hello are there problem with MCE remote in this? I can't get i to work when a uppgrade to this.
    Its works to login on MP.



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  • April 11, 2006
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    Hello are there problem with MCE remote in this? I can't get i to work when a uppgrade to this.
    Its works to login on MP.

    No prob here, using XP.

    MP Team:
    Is it possible to add the changelog or a link to such when posting a new SVN?


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    October 27, 2007
    hi dont know if this is a bug or not when i open media portal it is about a 1/4 of the screen size i then click the square in the top right corner an it fills the screen then i start the tv
    but know when i click the square to enlarge the size it goes full screen which i dont whant is there a setting to revert back to its old default
    if i try a pull on it to re size it goes full screen as well

    cheers brad
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