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April 22, 2004
I did a search on this topic but I couldnt´t find that it had been requested previously, so here it goes:

Making directorys mergable, or perhaps naming them the same on 2 different harddrives and then when listing the subfolders and files in them. you list what´s in both of them.

for example: TV-series. I got a whole bunch of series on my main computer, and I got 3 seasons of another show on my actual HTPC.
When adding a new share it would be nice to just specify:
Folder: \\computer1\D\Series\;D:\Series\
oh, and also, instead of using network drives, It would be better to use the actual path to the share. because the network drives got a bad habit of timing out/not updating if a computer comes online.

Perhaps this is already implemented, if so, please tell me how ? :))

keep up the good work guys

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