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  • April 22, 2004
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    Metalmedia is in bad shape currently.
    This was due to me not having all source graphics files so it's a bit lagging behind the rest of the skins.
    I have all these files now so I can start updating it but.........

    Are people using Metal?

    I myself am not too fond of it and this results in me not tweaking metal to it's fullest potential.
    So, Is anyone interested in maintaining MetalMedia skin?

    I will give my full support ofcourse to the person thats willing to maintain it.



    It makes more sence to have fewer skins that the TEAM supports since it is better to have the focus on the actual software. Unfortunatly there is not a big skinning community building skins atm. This is probably due to the fact that there is no skin editor at this point.

    And the voting regarding what skins people are using was in favour for MCE so I see no point in putting the time and effort in on Metal Media, it's not good enough... and I can say that cause I made the graphics ;)

    Bodo 960

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    October 27, 2004
    MrMario64 said:
    so we can delete it from CVS ????

    HY my Name is "Bodo" and I´m still working on a new skin based on Metall Media.I do this since two weeks and I´m ready with it soon.

    So the lates cvs isn´t build in and therefor it cost a little time to actually it.

    So give me a Chance to show my work. If it doesen´t look good enough ( i cant belive it :wink: ) kick me off , or Metall Media from CVS. Decide yourself what you want to do.

    And this is for Harley:


    B*O*D*O* :D :mrgreen:

    Greetz Bodo the skinner of MP gold edition


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    June 17, 2004
    It's a matter of taste, I think. Personally I stick with MCE, I love mainstream stuff and admit not to be artistically educated ;-)

    But to get back to the point - as long as there is someone who takes over the task of keeping the skins up to date there's no reason to delete it. If Bodo wants to take over that task, fine. If, however, a skin is not updated, because a) the author doesn't have time/fun doing it and b) nobody uses that skin anyway.... - why wasting server space on it?

    Just my 2 Euro-Cents


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