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March 3, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I am looking to build a dedicated MP Client to stream from my server.

I want to keep things as small/quiet/efficient as possible (i.e. using an Mini-itx mobo) and have narrowed things down to either one of the E-350 boards or one of the Sandybridge boards with an i3-2100T.

I currently have an Acer Revo Aspire R3610 which is pretty sluggish and I am worried that as the E-350 setup is not massively more powerful, a client built on this might also be a bit too slow to use in my living room.

A client built on Sandybridge would be much more responsive (and more expensive, granted) but have read that the on-chip graphics (HD2000 for the 2100T) cannot sync 1080p properly.

Would be really grateful for advice on best ideas for the build.

Thank you.


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  • March 15, 2008
    My new build running GREAT

    H67M-ITX AsRock Motherboard
    4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
    1tb WD SATA 3 Caviar Blue 7200rpm HDD
    Silverstone SG06 Black Case
    Avermedia Twinstar DVB-T Dual HD Digital TV Tuner USB

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