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April 6, 2010
Poland Poland

I've recently built 2x16 HD44780 LCD with backlight for my HTPC but there is a small problem with it.
I chose HD44780 or compatibile v1.1 option and set the size of LCD in MiniDisplay Plugin.
The LCD is working fine but not always.
The computer is configured to be an HTPC - MediaPortal starts with Windows automatically. There is no need to use keyboard or mouse. Everything is operated from the Medion X10 Remote.

The problem is that sometimes when I turn on the computer, Windows and MediaPortal loads but the LCD doesn't start at all.
It shows blank screen. Sometimes there is no problem at all but not always.:(

I've noticed that when the LCD doesn't start I have to restart MediaPortal to make it work but it also doesn't work always this way.
It's rather disturbing because i like my LCD:mad:

Can anyone please help?


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