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I would like to be able to switch out of MediaPortal and back to Windows with either a button on my remote or a visible button on screen, maybe before the close button on the main menu.

Also, it would be very neat to be able to have MediaPortal only show the TV image as a moveable, resizeable "always on top" window, much like RealPlayer's theatre mode or Media Player Classic's minimal mode. Then I wouldn't have to shut down MediaPortal and open Hauppauge's WinTV 2000 if I had to work for a minute while continuing to watch TV in the background.

These ideas probably come from Windows MCE, I remember doing something like this when I tested it some months ago. I think people would find it useful, because unlike XBOX, MediaPortal is used on home computers that might be more than just HTPCs.

Other than that, I gotta say I love this program and want to help in the future to see it become even better!


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    the request of having a seperate video window is really something not to be used for a mediacenter.
    We r a mediacenter and not a mediaplayer for your PC.

    We r made to be used in full screen and thats where our aim will be @.

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