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December 13, 2005
Ok heres my problem...
Ive got a jetway tv card wich Media Portal picks up as "Conextant Capture (General S/W encoding card)", the problem is that Media Portal is not picking up any of my analouge channels the software that came with my TV card is working fine (MpegTV station PCI), im getting all the standard channels that i would expect plus a couple more as im running it through a spliiter from my local tv provider the same as my main TV ive been trying to sort this out for a fews days now so any help would be great.


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  • April 26, 2005
    Perth, Australia
    Having a bit more information would be great...

    time and time again people are asked to post using the support template so please follow this in future!

    If you are using 0.1.3 then chances are you will need to manually add the channels. Software cards are not really supported and in the later version of MP support has been removed until and if the software engine has been improved as it was causing far too many support issues.

    try adding the channels one at a time and see if they work that way

    if you want something that is supported in later versions go for a hauppage PVR hardware card.. they work pretty flawlessly from what i hear!



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