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Hi there,

As I am looking to use MP as standard interface for my future carpc, I already took the liberty to screw up the Metal Media skin, and tweak it a bit. Actually, I only changed some of the pictures: the background has got a more "volvo"-look, and the buttons have become somewhat blue-ish gray to blend in better with the rest. I changed the color of the highlighted buttons in the top bar to blue, as well. Maybe this minor tweaking will help someone out... (you could offcourse simply change the background for a "ford" one, or one for Subaru or so...)

preview.jpg if the pic doesn't work in the post...

For so far my humble contribution.

You can download it here.
After that, simply unpack in the skins folder, and you should be able to choose it in the config app.


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August 30, 2004
I can't get the image to work either. I have been using MediaPortal in my car for about 8 months now and I think its about time we started tweaking MP for our cars.

I have started a thread at the wiki that I plan on putting some info for touch screen users. We should also work on adding information on tweaking for car use and start getting some GPS plugins in the works :)


jadz said:

a little bit of gloss
Hmmm., the pic isn't working here anymore, too... strange... Does the zipfile download with u? Then you can simply unzip that, and take a look at the background.png or the preview.png...

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