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September 30, 2007
Norway Norway
Large Glowing
Credit: chrisvilla

The current layout of the menu was too busy for my usage, so I decided to trim it down to just:

-My TVSeries
-Moving Pictures

I used the Mediadesign HP Dock icons posted earlier, but added some blue glows to make the selected stand out.
I know this isn't to everyones liking but since I had hashed it together, thought it may aswell be posted.

Large glowing.jpg

View attachment 29196

MePo icons

Replace the default menu icons with MePo

mepo icons .jpg

View attachment 29194

2 rows

2 rows with buttons instead of the standard 3.

2 rows.jpg

View attachment 29202

Moving pictures - Default layout

MP default - List.jpg MP default - Filmstrip.jpg MP default - Details.jpg

View attachment 29881

Real life

Real life icons and hover images for basichome, home, plugins and menus.

Reallife - Basichome.jpg Reallife - Extra.jpg Reallife - Game.jpg Reallife - Watch.jpg

No download available

Home button - Hyperlink

Replace the default home button hyperlink from basichome to home.

Home hyperlink.jpg

View attachment Home hyperlink.rar

TV Series - More fanart focus
Credit: Rico

"I modified the TV Series page that is has now more focus on the background fanart so that the fanart is more vissible in TV series plugin"


View attachment tvseriesmorefocus.rar


Portal Pro
September 30, 2007
Norway Norway
I've somehow managed to delete the "Real life" file from my computer.

Could anyone that has downloaded it please reupload it?
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