[MOVED] MP crashes cause of Audioscrobbler (1 Viewer)


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August 15, 2010
Hey folks,

first a big thx to the hard worker on the mp-projekt. loving it.

I have a little problem with my mp at the moment. whenever i start my mp with the audioscrobbler-plugin it crashes as soon as I start a mp3 or ogg-file. both with the standard- and my favourite x-factor-skin. if I diable audioscrobbler and the last.fm-plugins all works fine.

until now I couldn't fix the error and I would appreciate it a lot of someone else can have a look at my log-files and give me a hint.

thx a lot.




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    Re: MP crashes cause of Audioscrobbler

    Hey mike175de

    Audioscrobbler plugin is provided as part of MP - so if you wish to get a response to your issue, you should post in the BUG REPORTS forum.

    I would move your post, but it does not look like you used Debug mode to generate your log files and that is required for bug reports. See Log Files for details.


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    August 15, 2010
    Re: MP crashes cause of Audioscrobbler

    thx dadeo!

    I posted my problem also in the bug section. thx for the hint.

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