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I know this is something that might feel like a low prio thing and it just might be BUT I wanted to say why I think it would be nice.

In XP Media Center you have a cloudy background that moves and it is not only a nice effect but it keeps the image from beeing static and thus saves the tv screen somewhat. I Just wanted to say this so that we might see clouds in the future ;)


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  • April 22, 2004
    Hey Samsonite:

    You can do this already!
    Just got me an animated gif from the web and replaced the original background.png with the file renamed to background.gif.
    Then changed home.xml from reference to background.png to background.gif


    Et voila I have a background full of blinking stars! :lol:

    Changes need to be made to the other screens xmls I think.

    Maybe I missed something important, because I don´t know much about skinning or xml.


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