Moving Pictures 1.0.8 Stable Available

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June 7, 2007

Moving Pictures 1.0.8 Stable
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To those of you that have helped with the (extended!) beta testing of Moving Pictures 1.0, I'd like to say thank you so very much! You have all been a great help in getting Moving Pictures 1.0 to a stable point.

Moving Pictures 1.0.8 contains updates for a several import scripts and should also improve Backdrop retrieval rate for some users. For a complete list of changes, please see the Change Log.

Moving Pictures is a movie management plug-in for the MediaPortal HTPC application that focuses on both versatility and ease of use. Moving Pictures does it's best to load your movie collection as quickly as possible with very little user interaction and it then provides an easy to use but highly customizable interface to browse your movie collection.

Change Log

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Wiki / User's Guide
Project Page
Skin Designer's Guide
Developer's Guide

Available Skins
Black & White
Black Glass
Blue3 (4x3) (included)
Blue3Wide (included)
PureVisionHD 3.0

Testers and Skin Designers
Beta testers and skin designers, this release is for you! Thank you very much for helping to improve Moving Pictures. If you would like to contact the developers, please log into our IRC Channel and say hello. If you have found a bug, please first check our bug tracker to see if the issue has already been reported. If it has not, go ahead and submit a new issue. Please do not post bug reports in this thread.

Skin Designers, when converting your skins to work with Moving Pictures 1.0, please refer to our Skin Designer's Guide. This guide unfortunately is not fully up to date (this will be updated in the next day or two). In the mean time if you have questions or would just like a jump start, please visit our IRC Channel. We would love to help.

Major Changes
Customizable Categories Menu
If Categories is enabled and your skin supports it, upon launching instead of seeing a huge movie list you will be presented with a list of movie categories such as Unwatched Movies, Recently Added Movies, or Genres. Clicking on a menu item like Unwatched Movies takes you to the corresponding movie list, filtered by unwatched movies. Clicking Genres takes you to a list of genres to choose from. This menuing system is completely customizable and can be used to make Moving Picture organize your movie collection exactly as you see fit.

From any movie list it is possible to now call up the Filters Context Menu similar to the Sort By menu in earlier versions. This menu will allow you to limit the movies in the list to a specific genre, rating, decade, etc. The Filter Menu, similar to the Customizable Categories system is completely customizable so you have the freedom to modify the available filters to suit your needs.

MediaInfo and Logos Support
Moving Pictures will now automatically retrieve details about your media files such as aspect ratio, resolution, audio channels, etc. This information can be used by a skin to display logos and this information can be used to create custom filters and categories.

Please note that for upgrades, MediaInfo for existing movies is processed in the background and for large collections can take some time to complete. This background process is automatic and will run from either the configuration or the GUI.

Multilingual Support
The Moving Pictures GUI is now full localized for a variety of languages. Some translations are still missing or incomplete so if you are interested in helping improve translation support, please see our wiki for more information.

Parental Controls
It is now possible to define a subset of movies that are unavailable unless a four digit PIN code is entered.

Improved Data Source Management
It is now possible to have Moving Pictures automatically organize your data sources based on your chosen language. If a scraper script has not yet been created for your native language, it is possible to use an automatic translation feature (powered by Google Translate) to translate results from English to your native language.

As always, our list of contributors continues to grow. Armandp remains an incredibly valuable member of the development team. ZealotSix continues to make code contributions on a regular basis and we have also received several changes from LRFalk01 (responsible for the Google Translation feature), gshipley, and ltfearme. Our Blue3Wide skin is as nice as it is now because ltfearme (damienh) has made so many contribution to the skin. He has been a huge help and we owe him a lot for his help. Thanks very much ltfearme.

Thanks to our testing team and translators as well. In no particular order our testing team includes Aitor, Chemelli, DieBagger, ltfearme, LRFalk01, Steffansp, chefkoch, Darre, mattsk88, midiboy, Paranoid Delusion, and rolls1400. I am probably leaving a few people out and for that I am very sorry. :(

Thanks to the whole team.

Bug Reports
Please do not post bugs in this thread. If you have a bug report, please read this thread on how we track bugs, and then head on over to the Issue Tracker.

The following screenshots are from the Blue3Wide skin (included in this release) and the StreamedMP skin available here.



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  • October 27, 2008
    wow, the wait was worth it. this is amazing.
    i only have one request.

    can each filter have its own default view? for instance i want all movies to be a list, but unwatched movies to be in filmstrip.

    again, awesome work. thanks so much!


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  • April 2, 2008
    I'm a little clueless here. Wasn't the next release gonna be 0.8?

    Oh well, off to test it anyways ;)
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