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March 16, 2009
I have had Moving Pictures working for a couple of weeks on two machines, accessing a common shared drive on a server where I keep my movies. Just a few days ago Moving Pictures one of my machines started acting up (I am using v. 0.7.2). On the other machine it still works fine.

I installed the new version 0.7.3 on both machines; the one still works fine, the other crashes in the same way.

The problem I have is that once I open up Moving Pictures, it just locks up, usually while I am just going through the list of movies. Once it has locked up I can do CTL-ALT-DEL, but I cannot stop Media Portal .. everything is unresponsive, and I have to reboot.

I am attaching a couple of log files, one with data from a good start-up when I do not go into Moving Pictures, and then three crashes. I had to ZIP them because they were much bigger than I thought ....

I would appreciate any suggestions for trouble shooting.


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It looks like you have your Scraper Engine set to debug mode which means tons of extra loggin messages are outputted when any scraper script executes. Do you think you could turn off debug mode for the scraper engine and post new logs?

Honestly though, while skimming your logs I didn't see any error messages. Maybe you could post the error.log file as well? This will log general MediaPortal errors as well as any unhandled Moving Pictures errors.

I think the first thing I would do though is try disabling Moving Pictures (just temporarily remove the DLL from your plugins folder) to see if this does or does not resolve the issue. If it does, we will of course help you figure out the problem and get things fixed so you can still use Moving Pictures, but I'd like to verify that it is actually something wrong with Moving Pics.


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March 16, 2009
New error logs

Attached are some new logs. I think I turned of the extended error logging you mentioned, but not sure. If there is anything else required to trouble shoot this please let me know.

The only "good thing" is that the problem is reproducible; Media portal works fine until I open Moving Pictures; when I start scrolling through the movies, within 10-20 seconds everything locks up, and I have to reboot.

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