Moving Pictures vs. MP 1.2.0 Alpha Video Database? (1 Viewer)


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November 23, 2010
According to the release info, MP 1.2.0 Alpha supposedly sports a greatly upgrade video database. After reading through the changes it looks like it including a lot of the features that moving pictures includes.

I haven't had a chance to play with MP 1.2.0 at all (been busy getting my unraid server up and running :rolleyes:) do the two compare?

I really like MovingPictures (big thumbs up devs :D), but my moto with these types of things is less is generally better, so if the built in video database does just as good of a job then that has to be taken into consideration.

Just looking for feedback from those who have had a chance to test all of this stuff.


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June 7, 2007
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If you are looking for information about something besides Moving Pictures your probably in the wrong subforum...


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November 23, 2010
this does concern moving pictures...and when I tried to ask the question in the MP 1.2 area my question was deleted due to "crossposting"...not really sure what to do then


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November 3, 2008
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The best thing should just be to try them out and compare wich you like the best. Thats the great thing about mp. You get to choose! ;)


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June 7, 2007
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Well sorry your thread got deleted. If your asking about new functionality of My Videos I dont see why it would have been removed. Hopefully someone around here will post some thoughts. :p If not just give them both a try like lordarcane said. ;)


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    AW: Moving Pictures vs. MP 1.2.0 Alpha Video Database?


    I also read about the new features of the MyVideo-Part of MP, so I tried it on a test-system and imported some of my films into the database...

    My opinion:
    MovingPictures is far more user-friendly! It's more flexible with creating categories (as far as I could figure it out, in MyVideos you just can do this with manually add genre-types), the editing part (of MovingPictures) is easier to handle and the scraper acts more reliable. I tried to import about 50 movies into the video-database and for at least 10-15 movies, the scraper picked wrong informations. Apart from this, the biggest advantage of movingpictures is the parental lock! Either there is no such feature in MyVideos or I didn't find it. By this time, my 4 year old son figured out, how the remote works and I would not be pleased, if he'd be starting to watch some of my horror-movies....

    In spite of all that, there are two things in MyVideo I would love to be added to MovingPictures:
    1. actor-information : when sorting by actors, MyVideos shows up data like a short biography and a filmography
    2. cover-flow : not necessarily a must-have, but it just looks very pretty

    Hopefully, these two features will be in some future-release of MovingPictures, as it would make it absolutely perfect for me!




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    Hi :)

    my question was deleted due to "crossposting"
    Yes, posting same question to multiple forums is against our rules.
    Do you want to continue the discussion here or should I move the whole thread to the video section?

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