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June 13, 2005
North vancouver, Canada

I'm thinking of moving to HD-TV (Shaw Canada). Never used something like that, so some stupid questions:

The package comes with a Motorola 6200 HDTV tuner. This tuner has many differerent output options: components, s-video, spdif, cable

I would connect my TV to for example component, the tuner card in the PVR to the cable output?

I don't think that all channels are sent at out the same time over the cable-out? So how would Media Portal select the channel to record from?

And if i'm watching TV, I no longer use the TV remove to switch channels? If would have an additional remote to change channels (I would still need the original remote for volume etc?

Any insight is welcome :)



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  • May 21, 2004
    i also have a motorola 6200, here's my setup, but i'm not sure how much it's going to help you:

    For when i'm not using mp, i have the component going into the tv and the spdif into the receiver. For mp, i have the svideo and the rca audio outputs into my hauppauge pvr 500 card. I set up two tv channel groups in mp, one called analog and one called digital (names don't really matter). the analog group consists of the channels i can get from the cable outlet plugged directly into the pvr card. I can change these channels directly in mediaportal. The digital group are all the digital channels (above 99) that i have to use the box for. In the mp setup i changed the channel type fll the channels in the digital group from internal to external/svideo (i believe it will show up in the list as 25000/something). When i switch to the digital group, mp just uses the svideo input and i change the box using the cable box remote.

    As far as remote controls, this is where i'm not going to be too useful. I gave up on havnig mp control my box, so i went for a programmable remote, a pronto tsu3000. Among other things, i programmed in my receiver for volume and input switching on the tv and receiver, an mce remote for mp and the motorola remote for switching the cable box. not an elegant solution, but it does work.

    lots of drawbacks, one being i have to remember to change the channel on the box to the one i want to record from before i leave. Which also means i have no way of recording different things off the box at different times on different channels because i haven't setup mp to change the channel on the box. but i generally only record off of espn or fox soccer channel, so its not a big deal for me.

    Hopefully someone will come along and read my way too long post and point me in the right direction too.

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