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March 15, 2010
Slovakia Slovakia
Since MovingPictures 1.1.0 (as far as I remember) the popularity label is broken.

Property #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.popularity does not exist anymore, you have to use #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.popularity.raw or #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.popularity.localized

raw is just the number (e.g. 54678) while localized is with separators (e.g. 54,678 in eng or 54 678 in other languages).

So to fix this, edit movingpictures.xml in skin\Black & White 1080\ and replace #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.popularity with #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.popularity.raw or #MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.popularity.localized

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