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January 14, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
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I tried upgrading to MediaPortal 0.2 but I get very stuttery music playback - which is now the same using WindowsMediaPlayer10. I tried a step by step re-install and test (after re-formatting the PC) and found that the problem only occurs after installing MediaPortal 0.2
I have:
Via Epia Nehemia M10000 (1.0G CPU)
XFX GeForce FX5200
AC3 Filter

Paranoid Delusion

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  • June 13, 2005
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    As MediaPortal uses WMP for Playback no known conflict. Advise uninstalling FFDSHOW and using specific codecs as in XVID, DIVX. PowerDVD, WinDVD and a must NVIDIA Purevideo.
    Have solved lots of errors by NOT using FFDSHOW.

    Sorry if i'm going against the grain but codec packs or decoder packs are not reliable. one for all can cause problems.

    8) Hey Afterthough what's MP DOO

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