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July 16, 2005
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I know this has been asked in another thread, but I don't think it got an answer. Can X-Factor (in its current form) be used ok with MP 1.1.0 Alpha?

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  • August 31, 2006
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    The skin is not prepared for the Alpha release. I'm currently working on this. I won't be releasing anything before 1.1.0 is released but will make sure that when it is released I will release xfactor soon after to support it.

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  • March 4, 2008
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    In order to get as much bugreports related to MP1.1(a) or skin sorted out, I do think it is good to support it already. Atleast, thats my view on this.
    I have a couple of questions about this.
    -Current 225 build of X-factor with MP1.1a; -Is it functional? -What are the things which are (expectedly) not working?
    -Is mp1.1a so much different skinning wise?
    -Are you going to create a new stand-alone skinpack for 1.1?
    -And if so, is it backwards compatible with 1.02?

    My personal opinion is that without good working skins I dont think that many users will try the 1.1alpha. (atleast I wont go there if the skin sucks, I want X-factor :) )
    And I think this by itself will/can slow down the development of MP1.1

    Thank you in advance for sharing your thought about this. And ofcourse, thank you for x-factor. I love it.


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  • January 10, 2007
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    Skin works perfect fot me on the alpha.

    But.. basicmenu editor crashes when I try to run it.

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