MP 1.1.1 Upgrade does NOT remember settings (1 Viewer)


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April 22, 2008

So totday I decided to update my 1.1.0 install as the frontpage told me I could update with no problems. But now it turns out all my settings and installs got fubar. Basically I have to reinstall and reconfiger all plugins and MP itself. Another problem I noticed is some things don't seem to be rememberd. Eg If I select advanced mode and do not show this message again next time I will get it again.

I finally had everything how I wanted it and things worked great but now I can spend another weekend fixing sh** while I should be studying for my upcoming exams. Maybe I did something wrong, but others might have to beware.


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    Sorry to hear it did not work for you. Unfortunately, you did not provide useful information to establish the exact problem. There are hundreds+ of successful upgrades. A small number of users are reporting other problems like tvserver or client not upgraded correctly, but mostly it is a success-story. Me included.

    If I select advanced mode and do not show this message again next time I will get it again.
    Maybe a permissions issue?

    Anyway, please see my signature for required information.

    Good luck :)


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    April 22, 2008
    Yes its weird. Everything got broking including streamedmp and the databases from the various plugins also got deleated. I decided to set up everything manually again. Fortunatly I removed most of my media so it didn't take that long to get everything back up but still its weird everything just broke.

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