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December 15, 2005
Here's how I got my lifeview fly DVB-T duo cardbus to be recognised by MP -
Even though MP claims to be compatable you still need to edit the capturecarddefinitions.xml file found in MP installation directory to suit your own card.

First download graphedit from

Make sure your duo cardbus is installed and plugged in and unzip and run graphedit. Go to Graph/insert filters/ or (ctrl-F) and scroll down to the BDA reciever component. Collapse the tree and click on "713x BDA Digital Capture ". In the window at the bottom you will see a load of jargon next to "filter" and "Moniker". We need to copy the info next to Moniker within the two#marks eg. ven_1131&dev_7133&subsys_05025168&rev_d1.

Open capturecarddefinitions.xml in the MP installation directory WITH NOTEPAD. Use the find function to find "lifeview" (without quotes) keep going until you find the section <capturecard commercialname="LifeView FlyDVB-T DUO Cardbus" and on the same line you will have devid="ven_1131&amp;dev_7133&amp;subsys_05025168&amp;rev_f0">

You will notice the device ID from graph edit is exactly the same as the xml file apart from the d1 at the end (also where there is an '&' in graph edit there is '& amp;' in the XML but keep the xml format - don't change this). All I did was replace the f0 with the d1, saved the new file and voila my card was now recognised in MP and I could perform an autotune from that point on. There are other listings in the xml for the duo card bus with diferent dev numbers i.e dev_7130 but i just changed this one as it matched mine. I think you just need to find the one that matches yours the most from graphedit and change it accordingly.

I'd like to point out I am a novice in MP and I got some of this info from else where on the forum but can't remember where after going round in numeroues circles so can't I credit anybody but would like to thank who ever it was.
This looks more complicated written down than it actually is which will become apparent when you actually do it

Good luck !!

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