MP crashes with some dvb-s channels (radio+tv)

Discussion in ' final and SVN Builds' started by Olodin, November 26, 2007.

  1. Olodin
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    September 19, 2004
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    MediaPortal Version: Media Portal release (TVE2)
    MediaPortal Skin: Blue Two Wide
    Windows Version: Windows XP Pro SP2 with latest patches
    CPU Type: Pentium-M 740
    HDD: Samsung SpinPoint T166 500GB (HD501LJ)
    Memory: 2 x 512MB Infineon DDR
    Motherboard: Asus P4P800 SE
    Motherboard Chipset: Intel 865G
    Motherboard Bios:
    Video Card: nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
    Video Card Driver: 84.21
    Sound Card: SoundMax AD1985 (onboard)
    Sound Card AC3: coaxial out
    Sound Card Driver: WDM 5150
    1. TV Card: FloppyDTV DVB-S-CI
    1. TV Card Type: DVB-S
    1. TV Card Driver: 4.8.0
    MPEG2 Video Codec: Nvidia Purevideo
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: Nvidia Purevideo
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: Astra 19.2°E
    HTPC Case: Silverstone LC-10B
    Power Supply: Coba 350W
    Remote: Logitech Harmony 525
    TV: Samsung 27" LCD LE-27T51B
    TV - HTPC Connection: Sub-D/VGA @ 1360x768

    Since installing MP final I have crashes when tuning to some radio stations. I did no rescan of my DVB-S TV and radio stations but it was working at least with RC2.

    Example stations are Europe2 or

    -I just open MP,
    -go to radio,
    -select the station
    and MP closes without further notice.

    I also don't get a error.log. Attached are all the logs from such a crash and my radio database.

    If something was wrong with the data MP should at least _not_ crash. Can anyone find a error in the DVB-S station data or maybe confirm this issue?
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  3. Olodin
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    Olodin MP Donator

    September 19, 2004
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    The crash just happend with a TV station also (Motors TV). I was testing with EPG via DVB-S and suddenly MP crashed without error log. This happend when trying to get EPG data for this channel. I opened MP again and tried to tune into this channel and it crashed. This is reproducible and happens always when tuning that channels.

    Here's the log snippet:

    2007-12-11 12:04:23.616250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: channel MOTORS TV uses MP2 audio
    2007-12-11 12:04:23.616250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: StartViewing(). : ac3=False
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.241250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: TuneChannel() tune to channel:631
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.241250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: tuning details: frequency:12640000 kHz polarisation:1 innerFec:0 symbolrate:22000 ONID:1 TSID:1114 SID:8910 provider:CSAT
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.241250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: using profile diseqc 1 LNB:22 kHz diseqc:0 lnbKind:0
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.241250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: LNB#1 Settings: freq=12640000 lnbKHz=11700000 lnbFreq=10600 diseqc=0
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.241250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraphBDA: set LNBSwitch to 11700000 kHz lowOsc=9750 MHz hiOsc=10600 MHz disecq:0
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.241250 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: disEqc:none
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.788125 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: SetHardwarePidFiltering to:0,1,10,11,12,D3,D2,A9,74,75,509,
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: DVBGraphBDA: signal strength:80 signal quality:80 signal present:True locked:True
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: DVBDemuxer:MOTORS TV audio:74 video:A9 teletext:FFFFFFFF pmt:509 subtitle:0 program:8910
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph: wait for tunerlock
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: DVBGraph:TuneChannel done signal strength:80 signal quality:80 locked:True
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Debug][5]: GUITVCropManager.Recorder_OnTvViewingStarted: not timeshifting
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Debug][5]: GUITVCropManager.SendCropMessage: send message for card:FireDTV DVB-S
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: TvCaptureDevice.SendCropMessage( ): 0, 0, 0, 0
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: teletext: grab teletext for card:FireDTV DVB-S
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: Recorder: tv channel changed:MOTORS TV
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.850625 [Info.][5]: teletext: clear teletext cache
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.866250 [Debug][5]: Commandprocessor: MediaPortal.TV.Recording.ViewTvCommand time: 2093,75 msec
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.866250 [Info.][5]: Commandprocessor: Card:FireDTV DVB-S view tv channel:MOTORS TV
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.897500 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9Helper: playing->repaint 50
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.913125 [Info.][MPMain]: PlaneScene: Crop: top:0, bottom:0, left:0, right:0
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.913125 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9Helper: repaint->playing 50
    2007-12-11 12:04:24.928750 [Info.][5]: wait for pmt :-1
    2007-12-11 12:04:25.506875 [Info.][5]: wait for pmt :-1
    2007-12-11 12:04:25.913125 [Info.][MPMain]: VMR9Helper: playing->repaint 0
    2007-12-11 12:04:26.069375 [Info.][5]: wait for pmt :-1

    Attached are the logs and my complete channel-list. Am I wrong when I say (again): MP should not crash without at least writing an error-log/exception/anything? I'll try rescanning all channels, maybe its a problem with the tuning details? Anything more I can do to test it or find the cause of the problem?
  4. Olodin
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    Olodin MP Donator

    September 19, 2004
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    I've rescanned channels and will see if it helps. While testing I got some logs with many lines of "wait for pmt :-1". Searched a bit and found this thread where someone had this, fixed his DVB-S station settings and the problems where gone.

    Will do some further investigations.
  5. Olodin
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    Olodin MP Donator

    September 19, 2004
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    Since rescanning channels I didn't had any more problems with such crashes.

    I compared the channel export of the mentioned Motors TV and the following lines are different:

    diff --side-by-side --suppress-common-lines motors_tv_crash.xml motors_tv_working.xml
    <section name="84"> | <section name="407">
    <entry name="INDEX">84</entry> | <entry name="INDEX">407</entry>
    <entry name="ID">631</entry> | <entry name="ID">334</entry>
    <entry name="Number">8910</entry> | <entry name="Number">8816</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSFreq">12640000</entry> | <entry name="DVBSFreq">12012000</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSTSID">1114</entry> | <entry name="DVBSTSID">1080</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSSID">8910</entry> | <entry name="DVBSSID">8816</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSSymbolrate">22000</entry> | <entry name="DVBSSymbolrate">27500</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSAudioPid">116</entry> | <entry name="DVBSAudioPid">100</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSVideoPid">169</entry> | <entry name="DVBSVideoPid">165</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSPmtPid">1289</entry> | <entry name="DVBSPmtPid">1295</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSAudio1Pid">116</entry> | <entry name="DVBSAudio1Pid">100</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSAudio2Pid">117</entry> | <entry name="DVBSAudio2Pid">101</entry>
    <entry name="DVBSPCRPid">169</entry> | <entry name="DVBSPCRPid">165</entry>

    Attached are the exports of the working (after re-scanning) and crashing (before) channels.

    What I did not do yet is to try and reproduce this. Will try to do so after christmas.

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