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December 3, 2004
First off, this is an idea that only just popped into my head; already I can see this has some logistical problems and its nothing more than a quick idea.

Essentially MP has a major problem: lack of developers. Media Portal is great and we the developers we currently do have are awesome. None the less there is not in any way shape or form a long list of people trying to join the development team, and if there is I sure do not know about it.

Now the plug-in tutorial was great and very useful it inspired a lot of people to go out there and test the waters a little bit but it also left many of us curious and enthusiastic but still no where near competent to go further.

There are a lot of people out there in the MP community who do have considerable spare time and a good working knowledge of computers. My point been this: there is a lot of talent and potential out there which we are not harnessing.

What I was thinking of was say we round up a decent group of these people and we can build them up to a usable development level. I know I for one would love to be a part of this. Now I am not asking anyone to write a book on C# programming there are already a million and one out there. What I would like to see though is a group of 20 or so who can all go out and buy the same decent C# book and work through it under the guidance of a much more experienced programmer. With set exercises and what not learning the language and the visual studio environment as it relates directly to Media Portal With someone to help us step through some code of MP and to see how it works we could train a small army of devs.

Anyways the idea obviously has its flaws and hasn't been thought through properly in any sense but it is clear MP would benefit greatly from an increase in developers on the project cause it is not fair to leave all the responsibility on those that we already have, cause as we can see its quite a tough job for them (Smirnoff's recent departure would be a good example here). If people think this is a totally dumb idea by all means just delete the thread. If not any feedback on the idea? Post away!

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