MP freezes when changing channel using miniEPG (1 Viewer)


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June 1, 2008
When using SVN 22162, Mediaportal freezes quite often when the miniEPG is selected during Live TV.
Occurs most often when switching channels using miniEPG
Screen will freeze and but sound will continue to be heard.

Issue was not present when using SVN 21864

TV-Server Version: 1 SVN 22162
MediaPortal Version: 1 SNV 22162
MediaPortal Skin: Blue3Wide
Windows Version: Vista Home Premium 64 SP1
CPU Type: AMD X2 5000
HDD: Samsung F1 750GB
Memory: 8GB DDR2-800
Motherboard: GA78GM-DS3H
Video Card: Onboard
Video Card Driver: ATI Catalyst™ 9.3
Sound Card: Onboard
Sound Card AC3: Onboard
Sound Card Driver: Onboard
1. TV Card: Hauppauge HVR-1300
1. TV Card Type: Hybrid
1. TV Card Driver: 4.6b
2. TV Card: Hauppauge HVR-900
2. TV Card Type: Hybrid
2. TV Card Driver: 4.6b
MPEG2 Video Codec: Cyberlink DVD 9
MPEG2 Audio Codec: Cyberlink DVD 9
h.264 Video Codec: Cyberlink DVD 9
Power Supply: Corsair HX-520
Remote: Logitech Harmony 525
TV: Dell E248WFP 24"
TV - HTPC Connection: DVI

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