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  • January 18, 2007
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    TV-Server Version:
    MediaPortal Version: 1.0 RC1
    MediaPortal Skin: Blue Two (Wide Screen)
    Windows Version: XP SP3
    CPU Type: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850e
    HDD: Maxtor, 750 GB
    Memory: 4 GB DDR2 PC800 MDT AMD Ed.
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H
    Video Card: on board
    Video Card Driver: newest
    Sound Card: onboard
    Sound Card AC3: optical out
    Sound Card Driver:
    1. TV Card: Hauppauge PVR150
    1. TV Card Type: analog
    1. TV Card Driver:
    2. TV Card: Digital Everywhere FireDTV C-CI
    2. TV Card Type: DVB-C
    2. TV Card Driver: 4.5.N
    3. TV Card:
    3. TV Card Type:
    3. TV Card Driver:
    4. TV Card:
    4. TV Card Type:
    4. TV Card Driver:
    MPEG2 Video Codec: PowerDVD 7
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: PowerDVD 7
    h.264 Video Codec: CoreAVC H.264 v1.3.0.0
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: KDG
    HTPC Case: Selfmade
    Cooling: AMD boxed
    Power Supply: Tagan 500W
    Remote: MS MCE, Logitech Harmony One
    TV: Yakumo 81J
    TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI

    I try to describe here a problem with handling of MP3 files and its JPGs

    A freshly installed MP 1.0 represents in a folder with a folder.jpg shows icon of the titles correctly. Now, if a title (MP3) is played, also still all OK seems to be. A change of the folder and changing back into the original folder reveal the dilemma. The AC/DC from the ID3-Tag becomes after the import into the data base AC;DC (e.g. AC;DC-Highway to Hell.jpg). Since MP 1.0 thereby has a problem, the titelicon (MP-generated JPG-File in Album-folder) is from now on ignored. With MP 1.0 RC1 there was not this problem.


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    November 13, 2008
    I've have problems when i play for second time a song.
    The album icon of the song dissapear!

    I think the problem is when MP apply the "sort" feature, each time i play for first time an album.

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