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July 15, 2005
There has been some posts that users are experiencing very slow menus and slow channel changes etc. I have myself experienced these problems too and now I think I have found the reason for that slowness.

For me the slowness of the menus have been occasional. First when starting the MP there is about 10 sec. before I can navigate through the menu and during that the CPU usage is 100% (with AMD 3200+). Then every now and then the menu stops responding for a few seconds and CPU jumps to 100% again.

During the live TV everything plays fine, CPU being around 25-30% (with Intervideo decoder). Changing channel is very fast (1-2 sec. if channels are in the same mux). After the channel has changed, tv plays fine about 2 sec. and then the next 5-15 sec. tv is more like slideshow of a few pictures (with 100% CPU). After that, everything goes back to normal smooth play.

So I did some research on the log files and found that the (DVB) EPG grabber could be the reason. I then tried disabling the (DVB) EPG from setup and found out that the menu slowness and the channel change slowness were gone!! Everything works like a charm and MP is very fast.

After taking deeper look at the log files I found out that MP tries to grab EPG even when on MP home screen. So that's why the menus are slow at the start. And the occasional slow downs are caused because the grabber changes channel on the background and starts to grab EPG for other mux. And that's even without going to the Mytv.

If you are experiencing slowness in MP I would recommend disabling the DVB EPG grabber. That speeded my MP up. If you don't want to disable EPG you should at least go to setup menu in MP and disable EPG for channels you can't view (scrambled channel for example). I have only about 10 free channels in 3 different muxes that I can watch. Other 60 or so channels are pay channels. By default if DVB EPG is on, MP tries to grab EPG for those pay channels too and that slow menus down. The less muxes to grab EPG from, the better the menu works.

I hope this helps other people too and you could post your experiences here too.

And also if the developers don't know about EPG grabber being such a resource demanding, would someone please tell them that so we could possibly get some better solution to the issue than disabling the EPG.




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  • February 16, 2005
    What version of MP are you using? I remember there were some issues a while ago, but they were fixed in a later CVS release.

    In Australia we don't have anything as nice as DVB EPG from the tv stations so I can't say from experience.


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