Mp starts only with mce and blue two skins.... (1 Viewer)


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November 7, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program
MediaPortal Version: RC2 (2005-12-16)
MediaPortal Skin: MCE
Windows Version: Windows XP (SP2)
.NET CLR Version: 2.0.50727
DirectX Version: (9.0c)
Audio Codec: InterVideo Audio Decoder
Video Codec: InterVideo Video Decoder
CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4 - 3.00GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Motherboard: 8IG1000-G (Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.)
TV Card Model: Leadtek PVR 2000
TV Card Type: Hardware
TV Card Driver: -
Video Card Model: Radeon 9550 (omega 2.6.75a) (256 MB)
Video Card Driver: -
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Audio Card Model: Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit
Audio Card Driver: -
Synopsis:: -

Here is the error log :
02.01.2006 13:57:41 InitializeDeviceObjects() exception:confused:ystem.OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory.
at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement)
at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename)
at MediaPortal.GUI.Library.TexturePacker.AddBitmap(PackedTextureNode root, Image rootImage, String file, Boolean& dontAdd)
at MediaPortal.GUI.Library.TexturePacker.PackSkinGraphics(String skinName)
at MediaPortal.GUI.Library.GUITextureManager.Init()
at MediaPortalApp.InitializeDeviceObjects()
at MediaPortal.D3DApp.InitializeEnvironment()

Ok so the problem is that i can start MP only with mce and blue two skins...
On any other skin mp stops at start-up (starting recorder)....
I talked about this on irc...and as a possible solution (didn't work ) i was told toi delete packed*.* from MP... .
Maybe some else had the same problem.....
Please help...

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