[confirm] MP SVN 27826 crashes with System.Data.ConstraintException (1 Viewer)


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November 30, 2008
Germany Germany
MediaPortal Version: SVN 27826
MediaPortal Skin: DefaultWide
Windows Version: Windows 7

MP SVN 27826 crashes with System.Data.ConstraintException when moving through mymusic or myvideos items. The error is best reproduceable in mymusic and coverflow view, but occurs also in myvideos and in list view.

Steps to reproduce (coverflow in mymusic):
  • Delete music database file and create new music database with MP configuration (just to be sure that database is consistent)
  • Start MP and go to my music
  • Select a view with lots of items (e.g. Albums By Age)
  • Select coverflow
  • Move fast through itmes by holding down the "->" key
  • MP crashes with System.Data.ConstraintException

I can post my music database file for further tests, if needed.



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    On my phone so can't really check logs but is this coverflow only or do you get the same exception in filmstrip layout?


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    November 30, 2008
    Germany Germany
    AW: MP SVN 27826 crashes with System.Data.ConstraintException

    I just tried to reproduce it with filmstrip and list layout and had no success. With coverflow the bug is reproduceable reliably. I also checked if the bug occurs in music shares view with coverflow and it does not...


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