MP2 - V2.1 [MP2-763] Interface configuration for RTSP streaming server lost on every restart (1 Viewer)

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July 9, 2010
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MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.1.3

Hi there,

first of all many thanks for all the great work you are doing!
I run a MediaPortal 2 Server inside a Windows 10 Pro 1709 VM which is hosted by KVM / Qemu and can access Digital Devices Dual DVB-S2 Tuner card of the host by using PCI passthrough. This is all working very well.
There are two network interfaces in Windows 10, as there are two networks at my home. The problem is, that the TVServer forgets which interface to use on every restart of the system or even the service. The server configuration UI always shows "auto" as the selected option and the automatic selection selects the first interface of the two interfaces in the comboBox. It is possible to select the right interface and LiveTV works afterwards but after restart it is "auto" again and the first interface is used.

This is quite annoying in a multi homed environment as the TVServer is not reboot safe and requires regular manual work which strongly reduces the acceptance for the system of other family members.

Hopefully I don't missed anything. If you need any further information just let me know, I will try to do my best for solving this.

P.S.: Is there a special reason for just listening at one interface and not all interfaces? I don't know if it is related to this issue but e.g. UPnP works an all interfaces and a client can connect to the server from both networks but LiveTV only works in the selected network. This requires a more complex routing to make the TVServer available in more than one network. I asked this already in the german forum (Live TV in zwei Netzwerke streamen) but didn't get any answer. Should I open a second thread here for this topic?

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start TVService
2. Start server configuration
3. Select Streaming Server configuration
4. ComboBox for interface selection shows "Auto" and contains two interfaces / ip adresses
5. Select second interface
6. Click "Apply" and wait for restart dialog to disappear
7. Everything is fine, server listens on port 554 of selected interface
8. Close server configuration
9. Restart TVService
10. Server listens on port 554 of different interface
11. Start server configuration
12. Select Streaming Server configuration
13. ComboBox for interface selection shows "Auto" again


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September 16, 2009
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I can confirm that. It always returns to "auto" after service restart.
But with "auto" streaming does not work if you have several ip-adresses on the server.
It only works if I select one specific IP.


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    If this is something embedded in the TVServer plugin, it is more fundamental. When TVE 3.0 was developed, multi-network environments were probably not that common.

    @morpheus_xx , can you comment on the issue? Is this something that can be brought up in the TVE rework thread?


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    Indeed this looks like a bug inside MP2's implementation. The "server" gets reset to the hostname. This was done to fix startup issues when the old name/IP does no longer exists (host rename, IP address change).

    My logic does only consider the hostname in check, but does not include all the valid IP adresses of the host. I will look for a fix.

    References for later:
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