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October 28, 2006
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Current Release: mpNZB v1.4

mpNZB is a plug-in for MediaPortal that allows you to download NZB's from multiple sources (Feeds/Groups/Search). Then using SABnzbd it downloads those files from a Usenet provider such as Supernews. Please post bugs and feature requests to Issues. Questions or comments please post to this forum thread. Check the manual first in case it answers your question. For a video demonstration check here mpNZB Demo Video.


  • SABnzbd 0.5.0 support
  • Site Support (Sites.xml)
    • Binsearch (Groups)
    • MyTvNZB (Feeds)
    • Newzbin** (Feeds/Groups/Search)
    • Newzleech (Groups/Search)
    • NZBClub (Groups/Search)
    • NZBIndex (Groups/Search)
    • NZBMatrix** (Feeds)
    • NZBs* (Feeds/Search)
    • NZBSerien (Feeds)
    • NZBsRus* (Feeds)
    • TvNZB (Feeds)
  • NZB Information/History
  • NFO Viewer
  • Queue control
    • Delete
    • Pause/Resume
    • Move (Up/Down/Top/Bottom)
    • Change Category
  • MP-TVSeries missing episode searching
* Requires account with site.
** Requires paid account with site.

Supported Skins

  • Black & White 1080
  • Black Glass
  • BleazleWide
  • Blue3
  • Blue3wide
  • Indigo
  • MediaStream
  • Monochrome
  • PureVisionHD
  • StreamedMP



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October 28, 2006
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Has anyone tried it out? Is it working well? Any feature requests?


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January 31, 2007
does it monitor a folder for new nzb files or does it only work on rss feeds?
for example, if i downloaded an nzb and just copied to the folder would this plugin download it automatically or do i need to run something in MP to get it to download the file?


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October 28, 2006
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Well it needs a client to do the actual downloading, you can setup SABnzbd to monitor a folder.


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February 3, 2009
Downloaded and it works very nicely. Maybe it could be able to browse each category on nzbsrus? Or just a general search, which I'm sure you have thought up already.

Anyways, I like this plugin very much, thank you for your hard work.


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October 28, 2006
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I am working on adding's search capabilities. Once that's in I will add more. At the moment I have done everything using RSS so everything from this point will require parsing HTML. I just wanna try and parse it in a way were if they change the site it will still work. Might not be possible but I'll give it a shot.


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April 16, 2007
South Africa South Africa
Hi MrTrix

First off, thanks for the plugin, it's something I have REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted for a while now. I can't wait to give it a try. :))

As far as the html parsing is concerned, may I suggest that you consider something like the scriptable scraper that is used by Moving Pictures. You may even be able to reuse some of their code. Any plugin that does HTML parsing tends to be high maintenance and eventually the original author is simply no longer willing or able to adapt the parsing every time the source site's layout changes. Moving this kind of often changed functionality into an external script that is only interpreted at run-time allows community members to get involved and remove some of the workload from your shoulders. A second spin off is that you don't have to deal with 1001 "Please support my personal favourite site" requests, since additional sites can be added by anyone capable of writing a regular expression.

Thanks again. This was the last missing piece from my MediaPortal setup.



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October 28, 2006
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I will look into your scriptable scraper idea. I just made code today to parse Binsearch so I will probably put that into my plug-in and release a new version in a few days. This one also shows the size which is handy on Binsearch so you don't D/L an NFO thinking its the whole file. I will also add sizes for every RSS feed that passes that information. Such as NZBMatrix. The code I made for parsing Binsearch is generic enough that hopefully little changes on there site won't effect its searching method. If they do I will update it, if it becomes tedious I may look into another method.


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  • September 14, 2006
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Nice plugin.

    Haven't really used it for adding anything to my queue yet; but its able to login Newzbin & NZBmatrix ok and browse. I already had SABnzbd working well on my server; nice not having to boot up a pc or goto web browser on HTPC to check status/pause it etc.

    Maybe some error logging would help; as I had a few issues due to myself either not filling incorrectly usernames/pw or; like when I first added newzbin; ticked boxed and forgot to enter details :D

    mpNZB.xml config file...took me a while to locate it; I wasn't expecting it to be in windws\plugins with the dll. Maybe it would be better somewhere in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\ ?

    I've had to fall back to 0.8 as I it just hangs for me once I added any login details for SABnzbd with 0.9. (Was fine if I left that to default and added Newzbin/Matrix logins; just didn't display server status obviously). Will do some testing later to double check its not an issue on myside.

    Anyway keep up the good work :D


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    October 28, 2006
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    Thanks for the feedback. The freezing issue is a bit odd, maybe try my new version in a few days. I have moved my configure folder in the new version to a more normal folder.


    Release 0.91

    * Added searching using Binsearch (With page control)
    * Added file size for NZBMatrix/NZBsRus/Newzbin/Binsearch
    * Moved configuration file to new location
    o This will require redoing your configuration
    * Removed Blue3/Blue3Wide? support
    o Temporary

    Update #2:

    Sh4nn0w can you keep me updated on that "hanging" issue? Perhaps post it in the issues section of my project page with steps to re-create it.

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