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October 9, 2004
Berlin, Germany
I just read the myTetris-Thread. Nice one.

I thought a bit about games in MP and there comes a crazy idea. What about playing games (e.g. Chess - which could run in the background if one user is about to do other things within MP or go to sleep instead ;) ) over the net with other MP-Users ?

I don't know what games could be implemented. More like strategic games with less realtime-movements. Just an idea :)


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  • May 13, 2004
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    ordinary73 said:
    That was my first thougt but I think it would be too difficult to live update the racket of the opponent.
    That should not be an issue I think. Current online games like racing games or FPS shooters have to send way more data over the network and display more objects on screen than just 2 paddles an a ball.


    I was thinking of writng some games, probly was going to start with Reversi (Othello), was hoping to connect over the internet with the windows reversi network, so there will be lots of players, but probly wont get to start on it for a while

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