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May 4, 2007
I dont know if this was already suggested, but I find the following concept very interesting and useful.

Multiple Genres (Artists) in MP3-Tags
Most music belongs to multiple genres or Artists and it is annoying to think about "to which genre did I assign that song?". So multiple genre entries for a file would be useful.

A tool with which you can edit multiple genres into the Tags according to the ID3v2.4 standard is "ID3-TagIT 3". With that tool I assigned two genres to an audio file and updated the share. Afterwards the genre view showed a new entry: "genre1 genre2" instead of assigning that file to the original two genres.

Perhaps it is possible to work with delimiters (because as far as I know, the genres are written one after another in the tag seperated by a zero) but I am no progger whiz and I cant judge much about the possibilities and the code.

Would it be possible to put that feature into Mediaportal?

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