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hi to all MP programmers and friends

first i have to say, MP is a great system and i like it really. many thanks for the users and programmers
i think, this is now the solution for my asian wife, to handle all her asian videos and songs ...

and again, i am a user that have the unicode problem ...
i solve it with the thread ( many thanks to vbich )

in my case, english and thai filenames MP show it now correctly.

but ...

MP load at to 5000 characters inside the graphic memory ( i hope i have understand it alright )

in my case that are now 3711 characters ( Thai range ) but my lovely wife has a lot of friends, some philippines, japaneese, chineese and some more ..., thats mean now, i need the full range of characters or a fully support of unicode ... ( and this is impossible, okay )

now my ask

it's possible to make a multiple selection inside the strings.xml, based of the range of characters inside the unicode defintition ?

example, character set range, semicolon separated, font = Code2000

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>

with a solution like them, maybee integrated with a nice plugin UI, MP load only the really needed sets of characters inside the graphic memory. this can maybee improved the speed and solve the problem from the show of the different language filenames ( oh good, my english ... i hope it is understandable ... )

greetings to all and have a nice time




I tried the above fix and it worked, but while it displays the characters properly, it doesn't allow for right-to-left filenames. If that worked, that'd be fantastic...


hi whtstar2

in your case try out MCE 2005 in english.
it's support a full unicode environement and it is MUI compatible. that's mean you can install all language packages from the win xp pro MUI product.

after them, your win xp pro base are translated in your prefered language incl. right to left text input.
MCE itself are not translated, it's stay in english. MCE 2005 is in fact win xp pro without the domain name service, but this is no big problem.
when you need dvb-s, then you have to wait until juli / august.

greetings anymore


I couldn't find the range of chinese BIG5, can you guys point it out for me?


hi aslro

follow this link, scrool down and then you will see the Chinese, Japanese and Korean section

there you will found the range of characters.
( take a closer look to the font names )


by the way ...

maybee some programmer can answer my first question about a definition of multiple character set range. what do you think, is this possible ? i think this is a "easy" way to solve the unicode problem.

greetings to all, anymore


For chinese character, it classified as Big5 and GB but it have a big list
# CJK Compatibility
# CJK Compatibility Forms
# CJK Compatibility Ideographs
# CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement
# CJK Radicals Supplement
# CJK Strokes
# CJK Symbols and Punctuation
# CJK Unified Ideographs
# CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A
# CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B

Which one is suppose to be Big5?

Anymore: I dun think it is working for viewing different types of character set like thai and chinese. For instances, My Windows XP box is only allow to view chinese character in Big5 OR GB. i can't read both types of character sets the same time unless using other third party software like njstar.

I have tested another htpc software to able to display correct unicode character filename . But it is lack of features comparing to media portal. Maybe Mediaportal's team can take a look and port the code from openhtpc to mediaportal. I am not a programmer :cry:


Multiple character set ( unicode )

hi aslro

you have bad cards in your hand ...

i search a little bit inside the internet and i have found some description of Big5

The characters in Unicode are a superset of the characters in GB and Big5 so it is easy to convert directly from GB or Big5 into Unicode. However, while there is some overlap between GB and Big5, there are also many simplified characters in GB that are not in Big5, and many traditional characters in Big5 that are not in GB. Consequently, conversion between GB and Big5 is not trivial, since many simplified characters map to multiple Big5 traditional equivalents. Going from Big5 to GB is easier, since the conversion from traditional to simplified is much less ambiguous. For more information on conversion, see the encodings page at .

In the original Big5, the encoding is compartmentalized into different zones ( )

unicode have it similar, CJK is a collective term for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the characters are encoding same into different zones.

now you have two problems,
first MP can handle only up to 5000 character ( i hope i have understand it right ) the chineese Big5 code set defines 13056 characters and 1004 symbols. It includes 684 special symbols, as well as 325 unique symbols.

i think, this is a little bit to much for inside the video graphic memory loaded fonts ....

second, the sets are encoding same into different zones. that's mean you ( and me ) need some multiple selection of character sets inside MP
( you for chineese, me for some other asian languages )

but as you see self, not one programmer give some answer to my suggestion at the begin of this thread. maybee there are really not interesting to enable the non english speaking world inside the MP community ...

in your case, try MCE 2005, MS have a fully unicode support and with the MUI language sets, you can start win xp in all your prefered languages. ( 32 languages ) dvb-s comes middle of this year and then maybee MCE are a competitor to the verry good MP system.

greetings anymore


Thanks for your good explanation.

The current build of media portal is unable to view chinese because there are too many character set. I better stick with the MCE 2005 for some time first until better solution have come out.

Basically i just use Media portal for watching those downloaded movies, nothing fancy like recording movies from satellite/dishes as i do not have a TV capture card installed.

As for the openhtpc, it looks like a dead project, no more update since last year.


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Hi, I am new to the MP. Can someone show me how to display Chinese characters within MP? I can view the Chinese characters within Windows native application such as File Explorer, IE, etc, but not within MP. I don't need the MP menu to be Chinese, just the folder or file names.

I also view many Asian contents that includes Chinese characters embedded in the file name.

I am following Issac Lin's Chinese character support development ( Can't wait until his stuff is made available to a wider audience.

Here is my system info:
OS: XP Prof SP2
skin: xface 1.2

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