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August 27, 2007
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I've been walking around with this idea for a long time, so i guess it is time to get it out. From the point of view of usability as well as space saving, it would make perfect sense for an mp3 to be able to have multiple tags, or mulitple entries per tag. I believe it is already possible for the genre tag, but because mediamonkey never understood this well, i've never used it.
Does mediaportal support multiple genres so that if i look for the song in one of it its genres, it will show up on both and mediaportal will not just make a genre called "ballad; pop" or something similar?

Now if this was my only question i could have easily checked myself of course, but I'm pretty sure multiple albums are not supported. If mediaportal could support that, it would be very useful. If you look at it, the album information is really just there for playlists and navigation. In my opinion the whole tag system is a left-over from the days we had only a few songs, so that you knew exactly what you owned and where it was. These days the tags are not just used to display info like in those days, but to build a whole database.
There is some question how to display album info of a song that is from multiple albums, but this should be resolvable.

A program in the configuration that checks for duplicates and replaces for instance the worst quality of the two with just another file tag would be awesome. It would reduce a lot of disk-space for people who cannot stand incomplete albums like me :).


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    Well, we support Multiple Entries for Genres, Artists and AlbumArtists. You tag them by separating them with ";".
    But there's nothing to tag multiple Albums.

    Because something like that doesn't exist in the ID3 standards and other tagging formats.
    You won't have support for that from the tag readers.

    Yeah, you could separate the album entries with ";" and provided that MP is your only program to play music (What else anyway? :) ) it would work.
    The problem is when you get rid of the duplicates in other albums, you'll never be able to burn a complete CD or copy the CD to your iPod for example. Because the file is simply no longer there.

    I was thinking a while ago of introducing my own file format.
    Something like a short cut, which contains only TAG information and points to a file name with te song in a different directory.
    with that you had only one physical song, which is referred to from multiple places.
    But because of the above mentioned problem and disk space getting cheaper every day, i've decided not to do it.


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    August 27, 2007
    Netherlands Netherlands
    I agree with you that with the diskspace a mp3 file takes, it might not be worth the hassle, but i still don't like it :p. The shortcut file is actually a pretty good idea!

    But, with my huge collection still only taking up the same amount of space as two seasons of a series or so, you are right I should not bother ;).


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    November 20, 2007
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    Well, we support Multiple Entries for Genres, Artists and AlbumArtists. You tag them by separating them with ";".

    Dunno if this is the right place to ask, but I'm looking a way to tag albums with several genre tags and be able to filter music according to the ones I've added.

    For example:

    Album 1 - Tagged: POP, ELECTRONIC, SYNTHPOP
    Album 2 - Tagged: POP
    Album 4 - Tagged: ELECTRONIC, AMBIENT
    Album 5 - Tagged: POP, REMIXES

    If I chose POP [ALL] it filters out only Album 1,2,5 because they contain POP tag.
    If I chose POP [ONLY] it filters out only Album 2 because it contains ONLY the POP tag.

    If I chose ELECTRONIC [ALL] it filters out only Album 1,3,4 because they contain ELECTRONIC

    If I chose POP [ALL] + REMIXES [NOT] it filters out Album 1,2 because its the one that contains POP but won't pick Album 5 because it included REMIXES wich I put in [NOT] factor.

    Meanwhile if I chose POP, REMIXES [ONLY] it would only filter Album 5 because it's the one containing ONLY these tags.

    If I chose ELECTRONIC [ALL] + AMBIENT [NOT] it would filter out Album 1,3,4... you get the idea...

    Is there any way to do this? Are there any way of multiple genre tags on MP3 files?

    I would pay alot of money for a plugin like this.. but maybe you need to build a completely stand alone database containing the genre tags + filenames and then make a filter code for the database that points to picking folders (albums) into a playlist??

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