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July 7, 2005

first off - Media Portal really rocks. I was looking at many Media Center software solutions these days, but Media Portal is the one I'm gonna stay with.

For the Music Database there is (in my opinion) quite some room for improvement though. Have you guys ever seen amaroK ( It's another OSS project and it has some fantastic features related to music collection handling. Also, it does an incremental scan, means it scans the collection directories from time to time and checks for updates, that would obsolete the Database Update in the config menu...

If Media Portal could handle the music collection in a similar way that would be excellent... Also, context information would rock. (Hey, it's OSS so amaroK's excellence is not secret! :) )

Another thing I noticed is that if there is a cover image in the album directory, Media Portal does not use it to display as cover image... Why is that?


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