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February 12, 2008
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I'm having terrible distortion/overload with the BASS engine for music playback.

I tried reducing the volume in MP config from 85 to 50 and of course reducing my soundcards output volume, but none of that helped so it's obviously distorting internally or at the point it passes the audio to the soundcard.

I've switched to the dshow player for now which seems OK so far, but it causes OneButtonMusic plugin to not work. The first time I press play on the Home screen it says unable to play the file and then it closes MP.

PS. Can I take it we aren't required to post our hardware specs anymore, as it used to automatically enter them when starting a new thread but doesn't anymore and I don't know an easy way to copy and paste them from the User Control Panel.


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February 12, 2008
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Would ffdshow be engaged when using the BASS engine?

The reason I ask is when I was using the BASS engine, I was getting the music through both my front and rear speakers, but with the Dshow engine I don't. I haven't configured ffdshow to expand stereo in this way (quite the opposite in fact, I made a profile to redirect the rears to the fronts for when I'm watching without my rears turned on, although the default profile is standard 5.1 matrix).

I also doubt ffdshow was engaged as the tray icon didn't appear and when I loaded the ffdshow audio config, it showed no input, so I guess there's something about the BASS engine that was expanding the stereo to the rears.


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  • October 6, 2009
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    From my "experience" the BASS does not use ffdshow audio.

    I am opposite to you, I tried to use BASS to upscale to 5.1, but my AV receiver didn't see it as that and only stereo.

    So I switched to dshow play, and use ffdshow audio to upscale to 5.1 (which my receiver handles ok).

    Many thanks,


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