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December 13, 2008
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I think I uncovered an issue with MP Music. I am using the music database and evrything works fine except for one group AC/DC. For some reason the first 2 files are added to the database under AC artist and DC artist instead of AC/DC. The other files work ok. I checked and rechecked my ID3 tags and they are ok. Everything works fine in MediaMonkey.

Any toughts?


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    Nope you didn't uncover a hidden issue:

    As per ID3 specification found here (search for TPE1), artists are separated by "/". This means AC/DC is treated as 2 artists.
    in V2.4 a null string is used. so this error doesn't happen anymore.

    Every once a while a user is stumbling into this issue. i'm considering to have an exception coded in the TagReader for AC/DC. fix will be in 1.01

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