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  • May 23, 2005
    Is there any way to get more than one music library?
    I used Meedio before and the configutation is really cool there.
    You can add as many modules as you want.

    Now my music library is mixed - classical songs with rock and radio plays as well.
    I want to get seperations between the folders I've added to the libraries.
    Any way of doing this at the moment?



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  • May 23, 2005
    This is the menu configuration screen of Meedio:


    On the left you can see all the modules. You can add as many modules as you want via the "add"-button on the top. In the list of modules appear all installed plugins. You can also add an "submenu" item where you can put all modules as well.
    My configuration looked like

    - pictures
    - video
    - music (submenu)
    .... - classical (music module)
    .... - pop (music module)
    .... - radio plays (music module)

    Each of the music modules has got its own library with its own views.

    Well, I wouldn't like to see Bach and Beethoven mixed with Metallica and Eminem.
    You got much more options with this kind of configuration.
    I would like the developers to have a look at the configuration screen of meedio. It's really good.


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  • April 22, 2004
    Gucky62, who tuned the home plugin has the multiple adding of modules (with different setting) on his (long) todo list.
    But as i heard he has severe hardware probs atm with both his developper pc and notebook being broken. Hope he is back online again soon.



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    April 15, 2005
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    This is one of the features I miss most from my old myHTPC rig. I used to add several video modules, to separate movies from tv-series and music videos. Maybe I can set this up with the dynamic views feature, I'll have to check on that. But it's nice to hear that it's on the todo-list.

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