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Been looking for a thread that explains what happens when you get album covers when you press F3 in media portal. I know the thumbnails are downloaded into the thumbs directory in media portal but do any other files get edited like the data base file etc.

The earch function is awesome and i love the way it displays the genre etc however some of my more obscure music i would like to be able to do exactly what media portal does but manually. I have created folder.jpg etc but this seems to be lost when i change view in media ortal to say 'Albums'. Any extra info on this process would be great. I am in the process of trying (badly) to write a C programm that will automatically do this for me so any input would be appreciated.

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I hope i understood well your problem.
As for me i can't see covers when changing to view 'Album' even if they are present on my hard disc drive. The import of my music files was ok (MP created folder.jpg in each album folder as well as in Mediaportal > Thumbs > Music > Album).

I solved the problem renaming files in Mediaportal > Thumbs > Music > Album : "album.jpg" changed in "artist-album.jpg". It is manual but it works.
I hope this bug will be solved in next release. A bug report is opened in the mantis but is not assigned :

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