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July 25, 2005
I have a situation where playing FLAC/OGG files results in much lower volume than playing MP3s.

This is very annoying when the playlist contains both formats.
I am looking for the best way to play both formats with the same percieved output volume.

I have tried using FFDSHOW to process volume and having that normalize the volume.
The does indeed seem to be some normalization going on, so that part is all right.

But when playing a song the first 10th of a second the song is played at the low volume, and then suddenly the volume is increased. I guess this is when ffdshow has applied the normalization.

This increase in volume while playing sounds really bad, is there any way to get around it?

The easiest solution to my problem would be to somehow set different volume levels for different formats, is there any way to accomplish this without using normalization?

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