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January 31, 2009
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First of all, I would like to congratulate Team MediaPortal for a job well done. This is the few open source project of this size that worked so well.

I have a samsung 210 comb card on an old AMD 1800+ machine. The installation is smooth. I did spend quite some time on it but that was due to a mistake I made. I move the timeshift/recording directories without creating them so I keep getting no video/audio error till I looked the log file carefully. That was a major problem for me.

I do still have problem with the analog tuner. If I scan the channel, I can see them. But after a reboot, I can no longer see them. TV player keeps telling me no video and audio. Log file says not able to lock the channel (no signal). So I have to use the digital tuner, which is ok except it gives me a huge file. Any way to encoded it into a smaller size file?

Once again, thanks for the great work!:D

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