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December 6, 2008
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I got the parts from New Egg on Friday, but the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2) was DOA, so I had to go out today to find a suitable replacement. I ended up with an Asus M3A78-EM at twice the cost of the Gigabyte board. The rest is:

Silverstone LC13B-E case
Seasonic 380-watt PSU
AMD 4860e
4gb RAM
Saphire 4670 video card
2x WD 1TB green drives
1x 160gb 2.5-inch drive (for booting)
Vista Ultimate 32-bit

I just got it all together and MP installed. I'm transferring some movies to the drive (it's gonna take another 85 minutes), and then I'll be able to tweak MP. In the mean time, I'll be studying the user's guide for my new Denon AVR-789 receiver. :)

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