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Hello everybody,

first of all I would admit that MediaPortal is a really great piece of software. I have compared many different HTPC Programs lately, free and commercial ones, and MP is the only one that fits my needs almost completely. Thanks a lot to the devs and the members of the forums! Without reading the stuff, I couldn't get my Skystar to work. Now it runs flawlessly.

Ok, here's my setup.

Shuttle SB65G2 Barebone
P4 3 GHz Northwood CPU
1GB Infineon DDR 400 RAM
Maxtor 7B300S0 HDD (300GB SATA)
Radeon 9800 Pro
17" TFT Monitor with 12ms (gray/gray) Samsung Panel
Logitech 4.1 Speaker System
Microsoft MPC Remote Control
Technisat Skystar 2 DVB-S TV Card

Some minor modifications:
Replaced the I.C.E Heatpipe fan with a Noiseblocker S2 type. 19db, 50m³/h air exchange
Replaced the original PWM with a Shuttle Silent-x Powersupply
Replaced the two 40mm Fans in the Powersupply with Pabst 412 ones.
The Barebone is very silent now, though the temperatures are not raising above the healty regions.

I'm using this setup (beside working ;)) at my homeoffice.

Some Pics:





Nothing spectacular, but I'm very pleased with this setup. Keep on the good work.

Regards, C
(and please forgive me my bad english please) :?

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