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December 26, 2005
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Netherlands Netherlands

Asus P4P800 with 2.7 ghz celeron procesor
1024 mb ddr ram 333 mhz

Asus Dvd burner
Asus Dvd player

5.1 on board config

WnXp sp2
Mediaportal 1.3

Firedtv digital with mediaguard and Canal+ subscription

Is difficult to build a mediacenter?

There so many choices you have in the different htpc cases and than there is digital television, 5.1 or 7.1 soundcard, etc.....

Finally I just started building and in the picture above you can see the rusult.

My media files are stored on a nas server this way I can acces my files from everywhere in the house.

I'm tryin the figure out how use the dreambox as card server because this is maybe the first htpc but not the last and I don't wanna pay a subcription for all the mediaboxes.

Digital television I started with the skystar 2 but could not get it to run stable. But maybe I didn't had the right drivers I prever this card above the one I have now the firedtv box. If any of you all got a stable config I intrested. Than maybe It was the combination of mediaportal on windows mediacenter. why am I saying this because the firedtv also didn't work with that combination. I've tested the config I have now on media center with media portal and keepgetting those error messeges like can't auto tune etc..... Than I tested it on Xp sp2 and all the errors where gone
I use the BDA drivers the order ones dont seem to work.

This all for now

Next projects are

mediacenter car
mediacenter bedroom
extender bathroom

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