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I'm thinking about taking a crack at dev for this thing, and the first thing I'd like to see is a better way to sort and group in the my music library. For those with massive music libraries, it can be cumbersome to rowse by, say, ONLY genre. It'd be nice to group by genre ? artist, or any user0defined set of groupings.

I'd also like to be able to add a 'search filter' so that i can look at only certain sets of songs in my library (think itunes)

Any ideas/examples of good interfaces? I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do this, but I'd like to give it a shot.


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    you can allready sort by genre, artist, albums, year.

    Just scan all your tags into the database and use the view by button.


    I'm aware of the sorting and grouping, but is it possible to group by say, genre, and then once you click on the "Electronic" genre, show folders for all of the artists in electornic, instead of one huge list of all electronic music?

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