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  • January 30, 2005
    Norway Norway
    Off the bat I would like to compliment SteveV, rtv, and Hwahrman on the wonderful new features put into the My music plugin. Thanks to frodo as well for making image-thumbs speed dramatically faster. When that is said, I have some "problems" with the current browsing-solution.

    It's very slow...

    I use my music-collection of approx. 20.000 files hours per day, and I find myself getting bored and annoyed by the slow response-time.

    - approx. 1000 artists
    - approx 20.000 files
    - all files stored locally
    - SVN - and did a database-scan with the new tagreader.

    My problem lies with how the views are created
    - When switching to artist-view mp 'lag' for 6 seconds on average
    - When switching to Songs-view (needed to search for one particular song) mp 'lag' for 10-15 seconds
    -When in a "big" view like Artist-view and traversing down (artist -> album -> songs) it all happens in milliseconds, but up again (artist <- album) mp 'lags' for approx. 4 seconds.

    Being in album-view remembering a song - I think I know the artist - failing to find it in artist-view going to songs-view and searching using osd-keyboard takes a whopping 52 seconds to accomplish.

    I really hope someone can take a look at this. I've used hours reading mp-code to figure out how this can take so much resources, and I "think" I've finally got it - it's creating a list of song-objects for ALL my songs that must be a real resource-hog. Maybe the list could be created in another manner?

    Thanks for listening.


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  • September 29, 2005
    Netherlands Netherlands
    I have the same problem, about 80 Gb of music sorted in the following manner:


    using the share view, it takes a lot of time building thecurrent view, going back and forth also takes a lot of time.

    A few thinks that could speed up the back and forh:

    * Use the database to generate the music lists, but save the lists locally, and reuse the generated list. 99.9% of all the music stay the same, use music sharewathcer to update the database.

    At the moment the view has to be created out of the database. However, this view is almost always the same view, only artist, genre,ect are different for the most commen use views, album, artist the view could be generated once an be outputted to an XML. the MP gui reads the xml instead ot the database. Now the musicshareupdater updates the xml files every now and then

    * cache the last 5-10 "views" so going back a step reads the list from the cache

    * add local path to music data base and load the share view from the database too


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  • January 30, 2005
    Norway Norway
    hwahrmann - THANKS

    I had no idea this existed. That solved it for me. It's not as pretty, but at least it is way faster than before. imo the grouping should be enabled by default, as it gives a better experience for new users.

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