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April 30, 2009
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I have configured My Music to use the ID3-Tags for the thumbnail creation. But unfortunately it’s not using the tags within my listing of my albums. I have attached an image of my album listing & the Music Database configuration within the configuration utility.

My directory structure is the following. Take note all my MP3’s have album covers within the ID3-Tags.
z:\mp3\album artist – album name\song number song title.mp3

Maybe I’m missing something so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Also is there a way to have my song listings for every album to use the List Layout. Currently they are all listed using the Big Icon List Layout. I have attached an image of the Music Views configuration which I’m assuming is where I would configure this. My configuration currently has the Artists, Album Artists & Albums items within the View pull-down menu all set to List within the ViewAs column.

I also selected the button Update the database from the selected shares from Music Database within the configuration utility.

Again unless I’m missing something any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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    For the view you want use the following

    View Mode in MP (Press left arrow to get this menu) = Kiwi's View [ie NOT SHARES VIEW]

    MP Config for views

    Kiwi's View

    Selection - Operator - Restriction - Limit - View As - Sort By - Asc
    Album Artist - blank - blank - blank - List - Artist - [Tick]
    Album - blank - blank - blank -List - Album - [Tick]
    Track - blank - blank - blank - List - Track - [Tick]

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